Creative Freedom. Financial Independence. Self Sustainability.

  • Creative Freedom:

    Find your authentic voice. Cultivate your creative vision. Produce a product or service that lives inside of you. Create a way to share it with the world.

  • Financial Independence:

    Ground your vision into a purposeful and profitable plan. Build your blueprint. Source your revenue soulely from your authentic expression of Self.

  • Self Sustainability:

    Become your OWN economy. Rely so fully on your creative Self expression that you are no longer bound by the dismantling (3D) world & its failing systems.




Blueprint Orchestration Program

Claim your power, build your dream,
Profit with Purpose

4 one hour sessions + a detailed blueprint + a one hour live Q&A with Lauren C. Gorgo




The Prosperity Press

BE your OWN economy

Paid reports dedicated to a new value system based in soul-Self expression, creative FREEdom, financial independence & Self-sustainability.




Star Sister Radio

Prosper As LOVE Podcast:
Giving Prosperity a VOICE.

Straight talk about SELF, Success & that order. A place where LOVE and money matter.