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Prosper as LOVE Births

Welcome to PAL! For both Lauren and I, PAL has been the birth of our higher level purpose. Coming from completely opposite ends of the spectrum, Lauren is the Yin to my Yang and the Shakti to my Shiva. Being born an earth sign (Virgo) my process and perspective has been very grounded and of the earth. Over the years that perspective has had to rise and expand and get me to hover above the ground. Lauren, I would say, has had the opposite unfoldment. Her journey- top-down, mine- bottom up. Our collaboration meets right in the middle where spirit meets matter.

Prosper as LoveThe PAL logo represents our process of collaborative creation. At the base, the foundation, the bottom of the logo, Lauren and I bring our unique gifts, perspective and strengths (bottom 2 dots). Organically and over time we will birth our group-mind which will, at some point, be the driving force of PAL (top dot). PAL is certainly a newborn, as we nurture this baby I look forward to seeing all it will grow up to BE and I look forward to meeting our group mind. For now, I’m just excited that this portal exists and that I finally have the outlet to serve my mission as orchestrator of divine purpose and anchor for divine potential.

Birthing Ourselves

I started a blog at the beginning of 2016, writing about a very prophetic dream where I was given a word to describe 2016.

For 2016 specifically, I felt another word gestating. Unbeknownst to me, that word would be delivered to my awareness with such strength and reverence that I’d want to share it with everyone: BIRTH.  -unpublished blog

Let’s just say the “unpublished blog” part was probably the most telling piece of that quote ?. I got that the word was birth, what I didn’t get was that I’d be so deeply immersed in birthing myself that it would take 9(!) months to write about that dream. 2016 has been some real deal birthing right from the start, forcing encouraging us to connect with our inner warrior, breathe through the contractions and push when guided. AND just like birth it’s been messy, visceral, unpredictable, but ultimately- life-changing! #silverlining?


Prosper as Love Profit with Purpose

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The Birth of a Leader

A big part of what we are all birthing is the ability to rise up and meet ourselves as leaders of the new world. No big deal, right? DEF big deal. I get the feeling that many have not yet seen themselves in this way- as a leader.

Have you considered yourself a leader?

Ask yourself, am.I.a.leader? If the answer is yes- great, you’re on your way. If the answer is no- dig in, try it on! Just owning your role as a leader and welcoming this perspective will change so much. If it feels weird, wear it around for a few days and see if some things start to make sense or fall into place. The word leader/leadership can represent some outdated, old paradigm rules about what it means to lead. It can also carry a prerequisite that you must have followers in order to lead. But being a leader is in the BEING. Being true to who you are regardless of external influence. Being love. Being You!

We have to embody this role now because we stand at the helm of earth’s expansion. While we were sleeping we were being primed, pumped and spruced up for leadership. Our perspectives alone are changing lives and people are fiiiinnnnaaallly ready to listen to our world view!

It hasn’t been easy to pave our own paths, cut ourselves off from every system and create an authentic life. That journey has not only created a diamond under the pressure of life’s lessons, it has birthed a leader. Your journey and inner fortitude make you the current experts on, well, existence. And at a time when existing is uncomfortable and difficult for the masses. It’s time to own the fullness of who you are and what you came here to be. It’s time to own your role as a leader. It’s time to lead.

The world is ready, are you?

What’s Been Gestating?

One of the strongest feelings I got about the word birth representing 2016 was the visceral sensation of birthing: messy, powerful, beautiful, grotesque, awe, bliss, wonder, trepidation, beginnings, and new life. A year of complete and utter immersion in our creations. Much of that has been the birthing of ourselves, but we are also birthing avenues for prosperity. We will start carrying out to full term and pushing our dreams, thoughts, purpose, presence-all that we are into the physical world, becoming leaders within our chosen craft.

Our gifts, talents and passions are the messengers that carry our perspective into the world. Whether you feel called to coach, teach, channel, build, parent, grow, sell (the list goes on), your passion is your bridge to leadership. At this point in your journey you may be asking, what is my gift, talent, passion- what brings me joy. You may already know your joy but question your ability to prosper from it- I promise you, if it’s your calling it comes with a built in capacity for you to prosper from it! When it comes down to prospering with purpose it’s never a question of IF it is a question of HOW. More on that as PAL evolves ?.

Ask yourself, what have I been carrying? What’s been gestating over the course of my (ascension) journey? What are my gifts|talents? Whatever it is I am betting it is your leadership vehicle. It is the avenue to your world stage.

Full Circle Profit with Purpose

To bring this full circle, welcome to PAL! A lot is birthing in and around us and I wish you ease through the contractions and excitement for new life. As we emerge from our cocoons I hope for PAL to be a resource for the evolution of your journey from caterpillar to butterfly, from personal expansion to leadership. Your perspective is what the world needs, the avenue used to deliver this perspective can be whatever your heart desires…..BUT it must be your heart’s desire in order to Prosper as Love ❤️!




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  1. Just saw this post! YEAH!! You (we ) are off and running! My issue is that in my process to neutrality I have lost all the joy/passion around everything, so am now waiting to see if my past creations (of which I could never manifest as “successful” in 3D are still my thing, or if it is something entirely different. My patience and energy are all time lowish, and am just hanging in here thanks to your ( both of you) encouragement that all MUST feel better soon! Feel like I already know you guys….am not a sharer in the past but may become one!

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      So glad you shared, Kay. I’m sure many (me included) can resonate with the “all-time-lowish” energy. No doubt the third trimester is the most exhausting ?! I almost wrote about revisiting our past creations from our new level of being…to play with it from a new perspective…maybe more on that next blog.

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  2. <3 "The word leader/leadership can represent some outdated, old paradigm rules about what it means to lead. It can also carry a prerequisite that you must have followers in order to lead. But being a leader is in the BEING. Being true to who you are regardless of external influence. Being love. Being You!"

    Morphing into the acceptance of this as we speak. Its a big shift.

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  4. Welll darlings…I know I am a Leader…but I honestly do not know HOW TO BE a LEADER in a GROUP of LEADERS!…I mean….for me …It really feels that it ‘s not ment for…forming a group….outside….?????For me my Leadership Feels as REAL… Al-ONE-NESS….WHOLENESS.
    It Really IS in the BEING…Present As Love….nothing less and nothing more….

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      1. Thank you Kimberlee…for showing me…where I am not joined in with any more.
        Telling the truth is a fundamental form of love….so, by going back and reading your “stuff” I recognized the FEELING that was “triggered” by reading , the first time, of your plannings-agenda’s and explainings….my FreeWill Self said No….. and…I felt some confusio, between Heart and Mind.
        All of what…you brought…. sounds good and promessing to 3D unconsciouss human ears, …. but not so to mine.
        My HEARING has changed….and I shortly crossed the treshold-entrance into a new reality system all together,…one that’s not feeding duality.
        That Is My Mission….and for That I accept Leadership, Embodying Divine Sovereignty, Tuned into, Inner Source Authorithy…no-one and nothing else.
        Wishing the Highest Good for US All….
        In Love’s Truth and Freedom

        1. Post

          Truth is relative and I can see how when you tried this on from a 3D (ego) perspective it felt “good & promising.” BUT I didn’t expect embracing leadership to feel good for most. The discomfort is what I encourage wading through in order to own your role in divine sovereignty and leadership. The discomfort that I know will arise around what it means to be a leader in 5D is exactly why I started this conversation.

          The “stuff” I write in terms of leadership through being, is a formula that simply would not work in duality.

          1. Thank you Kimberlee,
            It does not belong to Me, that Truth is relative…..THAT belongs to a certain belief system…ego masses hide behind.
            The Truth I mention Is Behind All there Is….(yesss even behind the hiding ego masses) and behind the All Creator too….It’s the Source of All
            For Me there Is nothing relative… LIVING: In Love’s Truth in Freedom.
            It’s My Life’s Mission and undiniably TRUE…
            I do not want to argue with you Kimberlee,…but once again it became clear to me, that joining as a member of your group, does not fit me,….So, I let that go with and In Love.

  5. PS…I mean…Agreeing with Nabila….Big Shift indeed…morphing into Our Leadership… Leading with Our ChristConsciousness…regardless external influences…..Being Love’s Creativity in Action….and of Course… students will come to You….who want to know how to become…a prototype Human….as You are showing to BE…….while being with them…..where ever You are and whatever You do…
    In Love ‘s Truth and Freedom,

    1. PS…..but this one I will share with you all yet…….I came to Earth this X on 02-09-1937,and
      I realize that with my last mailing,…….I COMPLETED…today on the 2nd of September…my 79 years during journey…….of BECOMING into my 2nd Birth of BEING……

  6. Hi! I just saw this blog (coming from TWYH). It’s a great opening … I can FEEL the potential of this site and it’s huge! Congrats to both of you on trusting your inner visions and setting all this up.

    p.s. – I would LOVE to see a post on how we’re returning to past creative projects with a new focus. I am now publishing novels which I was sitting on forever and offering them to the world. It feels wonderful.

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  7. HI GUYS!!!

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! Brilliant idea and wonderful new baby… can’t wait to be a part of it. I AM LEADING AND LOVING IT!


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