Reframing Sessions

Prosper as LOVE Reframing Sessions
are powerful, 50 minute sessions that break us free from limiting thoughts, beliefs or fears holding us back from truly prospering. Prosperity comes in many forms: financial success, doing what we love, living free! Any area in your life where the heart is singing, you are prospering. Conversely, any area where you might feel restriction or blocked energy is calling forth a perspective shift. This is where reframing sessions come into play.

Reframing is exactly as it sounds- we observe, with detachment and love, any limitations or belief systems you may be holding onto and we birth new perspective from that observation, hence- reframe.

Common reframing topics:

  • Financial Reframing: success AND service.
  • Learn to LOVE business and create a business authentic to your soul’s blueprint.
  • New Earth Business and how to THRIVE in the new world.
  • Sustaining yourself doing what you love.
  • Timelines and what becomes possible in the now when we open up to it.

I have repeatedly observed the effectiveness of a simple reframe and the ways it can usher clients to the next level in their creation process.  You gain a newfound ability to become the observer of once embedded patterns/habits, freeing the heart, once again, to soar.

A tilt of the head, a shift in perspective is often all we need to get the heart back in first place, leading us to our ultimate success.

Take the first step!

Reframing sessions are limited, and scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

A single session is $222.

Please fill out this short questionnaire and I will contact you with our next steps.

Reframing Session Questionnaire


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To shattering that glass ceiling!

Kimberlee Gorgo



“Kimberlee is the Foundation from which the Divine Feminine is being born in my business.” -Sil Reynolds, Mothering & Daughtering

“Kim is solid, grounded, a great listener and a gentle but powerful reflector to your own human process. I work in this field and already have a fairly developed awareness of my own process, so it’s rare I find the kind of fit I need in a reflection. I didn’t come to Kim needing ‘answers’ but instead someone with a keen eye to help me observe and navigate my human journey. Kim fit me perfectly and I was ‘guided’ to her. So if you are ready to upshift yourself and need a ‘personal trainer’ of the energetic variety for that process, I can’t recommend Kim enough.” Lee Harris, Lee Harris Energy

“Kim stood in solidarity with me, asking poignant questions to expertly guide me deeper into the truth of myself. In my moments of wavering, Kim stood in solidarity with me, expertly silenced in support, awaiting her next Divine directive. In my moment of personal triumph, Kim stood in solidarity with me, expert Champion that she is.
I have never encountered someone with such a pure energetic. Kim’s absence of self and personal agenda is tangible. Gift yourself a Reframing Session to embark on your own journey of expanded infinite genius. You will never be the same. And in so many ways you will feel as though your life has just begun.” – Charlon Bobo, Mentor & Conscious Copywriter