Create As LOVE: BE the FORCE e-course

CALcover(updatedwshadow)Create as LOVE™ is a 12-week e-course on true divine creation. 

Unity/Divine/Conscious creation is what I would equate to a master’s degree program on earth and a requisite for understanding how to truly Prosper As LOVE.

Meaning, after we move thru our personal purification studies and graduate from the school of suffering…the university of duality…we are given the opportunity to apply our hard-earned mastery in the physical world  with the FREEdom create the life and world of our dreams.

This e-course provides the basis to that application…the fundamentals of how to apply the core (ancient) mechanics of unity creation, after we’ve transcended separation consciousness, and are ready to truly thrive AS LOVE.

Clearly this is THE most exciting time to be on this planet, in a body, at the turn of an Age, remembering the truth of who we are…and now we get to physically create our lives according to that truth.  Create As LOVE™ holds the keys to how.

The r-evolutionary and paradigm shifting information contained in this e-course is gifted to us by the Pleiadian High Council, but written in a very down-to-earth way. Each of the weekly lessons is being called key cornerstone to creating in the new energy… as such, it contains the vital constructs needed for new (ancient) creatorship.

The practical applications of conscious creation defy conventional wisdom in terms of how to acquire that which you wish to experience. Not only that but, due to this extraordinary time on the planet, you have the extraordinary ability to ‘go where no human has gone before’.  This means so many new and delightful things are now possible for you, for humanity…and it begins right here, right now, with YOU.  -Pleiadian High Council

◉▶︎ If you haven’t yet signed up for the “BE the force e-course”, I just received the first lesson and it is fantastic. Exactly what I needed in the moment and moving forward as we remember the magic of creation which is love. I already got my money’s worth (not that it’s about the money)!  ~ Lumby, Authentic Freedom Academy ◀︎◉

◉▶︎ Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! So well written and such attainable information. You are beyond inspiring!!!  I feel like your writing is really accessible, you have such an amazing gift for packaging profound messages into approachable, enjoyable reading. There’s a definite powerful energetic frequency of pure love and deep wisdom that permeates every passage. – It almost overwhelms the senses as it begins to integrate – a palpable energetic shift occurs while reading your writings!! You be S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y. powerful – a Sorceress of Words. – Not to mention an incredible inspiration – and an overall bad-ass Human Being. ~ Marie DeMange, OH◀︎◉


How to know if this e-course is right for you:


  • You are longing to reconnect with your magic powers and cultivate authentic, soul inspired creativity in order to create something entirely new, entirely YOU.
  • You you have been working to whole the (m-f) divide within you and understand your power as a creator…namely that creation is an inside-job.
  • LOVE is your first priority. Creating As LOVE™ is your greatest desire...and you’re ready/willing to expand your consciousness in order to accommodate that.
  • You understand that as you grow in LOVE you grow “in command” of LOVE….that the only way to work with the universal force of creation is thru, with and AS LOVE.
  • You are ready to bring the best version of YOU forward knowing that the LOVE you are IS the way forward.
  • You realize the divinity within you and are ready to share that divinity in a way that uplifts. You are ready to create your life to the fullness of your complete and complex expression of SELF, to then set in motion a domino effect of LOVE for all others to partake in.
  • You take great pride in your personal creations in order to put forth the greatest visions possible both for yourself and for the pure incitement of inspiration for those who come into contact with the radiance of your soul-self expression.
  •  You are ready to apply the true mechanism of divine creation in your life, in this moment, the best way you can…so that, from this powerful point of inception, the entire universe within can finally conspire to your success.


How to know if this e-course is NOT right for you:


  • You are looking for a quick fix to a long standing issue.
  • You are more “attracted” to the Law of Attraction than the LOVE that governs that principle.
  • Your only interest is in manifestation (which is only ONE aspect of creation).
  • You are looking for a magic-bullet approach to creating wealth.

◉▶︎ Thank YOU! and I love YOU! for boldly going where none has gone before and for this ride!  As I read your email I just felt so excited that we’re doing this, and I made the choice to be part of it, tears streaming down my face as I write.  It has truly been a delight to be involved in this wonderful experience.  I have gotten so much out of the process, allowing for greater clarity of my own creation process, through being involved. It really has been a joy. And I thank you with all my heart for being such a wonderful exemplar of Mastery, for in seeing it in you I can also see it more clearly in myself.-Xanthe Katsouras, DMT Coach-In Service ◀︎◉

◉▶︎Each (5D) Report and CAL lesson are the incremental instruction manual to becoming what we are all here to become, and are Source sent to us by our very own oracle, Lauren. Your incredible ability to somehow put divine concepts into language that ‘I’ the evolving human can fully grasp and action is the difference between being stuck near the edge and going over the top to being fully fledged divine homolumino.

Words do not exist to express how much this course has meant to me and what I have been able to transform because of it. I Iive CAL everyday and am getting better and better everyday with practice and I consider this learning to be a double PhD. I walk around in my very 3D working life firmly in 5D and have complete faith and trust that each step is creating what is already created – seriously cart before horse. SO incredible and I am so grateful to you. Thanks so much again. -Janelle◀︎◉

.cartoon-vectorsThe Particulars

CAL consists of 122 pages of completely original (channelled) written information on how to create in unity.

See topic breakdown & specifics in e-course OUTLINE

These essential elements to new/ancient creation are broken down into 12 weekly lessons, and will be delivered to you in PDF format via email*, in a time-released written format. Immediately after purchase you will receive 1) payment confirmation and 2) an email with instructions to confirm your choice to opt-into the e-course subscription and/or a Welcome email.  You will receive the first lesson 2 days after your purchase date and every 7 days thereafter for a total of 12 weeks.

*NOTE: the email you provide in the payment process is the same email that the course will be delivered to.

It is an open enrollment e-course, meaning the information is not time-sensitive…ie, you are not working with others on the same time-line, such as in an e-class where you have to keep up with the pace of the group.  You can join at any time and you will receive your 12 weekly lessons in succession and participate with the program as you choose, when you choose.  At the end of our time together, you will receive an organized, searchable, downloadable PDF version of all the course lessons, in one convenient location.

◉▶︎ Thank you, Thank You, Thank you- It feels kind of like a safari where we’re going into a jungle where no one has ever explored before – with you as our brave, trusted leader. I have so much admiration for your honesty, your openness, your integrity and your bravery for CREATING this adventure. I have taken a “leap in faith” several previous times in my life – and every time, I fell flat on my face and said Never Again! But with this course, and because of your precious generosity, I’m actually excited about taking this leap into whatever is to come. ~Patti Goerdel ◀︎◉

◉▶︎Thank you for your brilliant body of work.I signed up with a Network Marketing company in Sept. of 2012…I have yet to be successful in that endeavor. This program will change all that. I finally GET IT! I know that I have been creating from a separate mind and heart vibration…among other things!!

The way you took us through this course was perfect…giving us one lesson at a time so that each course could be digested and assimilated before a new concept was introduced. In the end, it all comes together and makes absolute sense!  I hold the deepest gratitude for you and all the wisdom you share with all of us who are privileged enough to have been guided to your site. Thank you for all you do, for who you are, and for the incredible information/insight you share with all of us. Lastly, thank you, once again, for this course.  May we all grow and expand in love, prosperity, joy and blessings…together! Nancy E. (Fort Collins, CO)◀︎◉



Payment Plan Option Available (see below for details)

◉▶︎Lauren, this/YOU is/ARE brilliant as usual. Feeling like one is in NOWHERESVILLE is a single nudge away from ALLSVILLE…meaning one could think “oh my God, after all this work I’m still nowhere”….but having the faith to just let go and act suddenly throws one into alignment with one’s allotted portion of the ALL.

So truly we are in complete control of our own creation and if we make that leap it ALL happens, but if we continue with the old ways of the horse before the cart nothing happens and we are left with the illusion of having come to the end of the road (with nothing ahead and all that was, having disappeared), because we are no longer wired into the old 3D ways of creating….they have been inconspicuously eroding over time so we can no longer fall back on those or the sense of familiarity with the 3D surroundings, and only the leap of faith will start the reel running on the new “ready-to-be-released” entertainment. Bravo Lauren!!!  ~Warren Bellis, PA ◀︎◉



What’s the difference between Create As LOVE and Causal to Conscious Creation?

Causal to Conscious Creation  serves as a great foundation to this new course, ie. it explains the mechanistic difference between creating in (3D) separation versus (5D) unity whereas Create As LOVE focuses mainly on unity creation…what it means in laymen terms and how to apply it...AS we are universally moving/returning into the fullness of this new/ancient creation system, en masse.

So one difference is theory versus application but I also cover new concepts and understandings that I never before talked about.  There are also exercises and visual aids available in CAL to reinforce/integrate the course lessons. I see C2CC as the backend (unseen) aspects to conscious creation whereas CAL is more for the front end user.

Overall, Create As LOVE™ is the perfect next step.

Is there a payment plan available to purchase this course?

Yes.  See below for details.

Why have some already received their next lesson but I haven’t gotten mine?

The timing of the arrival of your lessons depends on when you individually enrolled, so everyone is on a different time table. In other words, the lessons are time released, every seven days, from the day you subscribed, for 12 weeks.

*NOTE:  Older free email addresses such as AOL and yahoo, may experience some difficulty in receiving course lessons due to their strong spam filters. I recommend not using them for the ecourse, but if you have no other option be sure to whitelist the ecourse email addy.

Will I be able to receive my course lessons via mobile?

Yes.  The lessons are sent in PDF format via email, if you have access to your email via mobile, then you will have access to your CAL lessons.  If for some reason the formatting is not perfect, I offer a PDF version of each lesson which would be viewable in any mobile reader.


◉▶︎ Lauren, I cannot possibly thank you enough for this course.  I have read your words throughout and felt as if they were coming out of my own being. In this course, you have given words to what I have always KNOWN but did not have words to communicate it, even though I have taught this EXACT process of creation to hundreds of people…..just not with the detail or technology through which you have taught it. For me, each lesson has felt like an activation/attunement/manifestation of what I know….being brought forth into this world. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this course! I am so grateful for the innumerable ways this course has been a source of support for me as I continue to move forward with the Being and Creating! ~ Lauri, WI ◀︎◉




The Payment Plan Option



(4 payments of 83.25 billed bi-weekly)

◉▶︎ Thank you for letting me join you on this journey! It has been a fantastic ride and I’ve learned so much about myself, others and creation! ~Ann Goldstein◀︎◉