What are Blueprint Sessions?

The short version: A six-week process containing 4 one hour sessions + a detailed blueprint + one hour collaborative review and fine tuning of your blueprint. *Includes a proposal for web work from LAL™ if applicable.


At length: For 4 one hour sessions I hold the space for your vision, working with you to clarify, organize and monetize your dream according to your divine potential. I work with you and your soul records, bringing forth only that which is in alignment with your true calling.

We will bring to the surface any inner blocks that could be stopping you from moving forward and attaining ultimate success. The outer experience will only go as far as the inner experience, so we work to expand here, in your beliefs and highlight any possible limitations that emerge during our time together.

After our 4 sessions I map out the multidimensional aspects of your purpose, creating a divine blueprint for the physical manifestation of your (or your company) goals. I hold with me the importance of sustainability, growing your audience, and making your venture lucrative. Add to that my technological expertise and the understanding of how we can present this to the world through a website that is practical yet creative and uniquely You!

Some things you may find in your Blueprint:

  • New services you could offer the world.
  • Revamped services to optimize what you’re already doing.
  • Products you could sell, both digital and material.
  • Tips and tricks that expand your reach.
  • Suggestions for monetizing your work or for better monetization.
  • Joint ventures that could bring you joy & expand your vision.
  • Important copy for your website to express your truth with clarity.
  • Newly organized business structures to utilize your time & talent more efficiently
  • Software recommendations.
  • Technological setup that could assist in making your process easier and/or more lucrative.
  • Conscious marketing tips.
I had been looking for something in my business but just couldn’t name it. Kimberlee gave me a big picture, birds-eye view of how all the bits fit together in a practical way, what to let go of and where to start, all while totally honouring the vision and mission in my heart. Not only did I get laser-like guidance and practical how-tos, I got confidence in myself and a renewed sense of self-belief in terms of what I want…Kimberlee knows her stuff, she sees me, and is my go-to business goddess. I trust her knowledge, experience and deep intuitive insight completely.Kimberley Jones