Lauren Carolyn Gorgo:

I don’t know exactly what I do or how to define it in earth terms…for the record, Kim’s infinitely better at that stuff↓↓…but I (finally) know who I am.  What I am clear about is that Business & Communication…in that order….have forever been two of my greatest, most ceaseless passions.

BA (before awakening) my life revolved primarily around my unrelenting entrepreneurial nature, my incessant drive to create solid sources of revenue from my most passionate endeavors…at the time that translated into (among other things) food & beverage: owned/operated an 80 seat restaurant & bar…and real estate: invested/renovated/managed/flipped rental property.

AA (after awakening), my life still revolves around my unrelenting entrepreneurial nature, my incessant drive to create solid sources of revenue from my most passionate endeavors, only my creative focus has shifted/expanded to include more of mySelf .

Enter TWYH…

After losing nearly everything I worked to achieve in the years leading up to the activation of my higher level purpose…hitting rock bottom and completely rebuilding/restructuring my entire life and its contents…my role as an intergalactic guide was simultaneously being born, tho unbeknownst to me at the time.

Star Wars Origin:

It was around this time I started to reconnect to my higher Self and soul’s origination in Alcyone…one of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades. This (most dominant) aspect of me serves as/with/for the galactic councils where my earthen aspect serves as ambassador, emissary and liaison to and from Pleiades for the purposes of personal & planetary ascension. This is what most people know me as/for.

Pleiades Star System Alcyon Star

And Now PAL:

After an 11 year, full-circle journey from the depths of human despair to the heights of divine attainment, I now find myself back at the beginning again…returning to my true comfort zone…reuniting with my greatest LOVE and most fulfilling passion: Business & Communication  

The truth is, I never really parted with this passion…I kept it alive and well all these years behind the scenes while merging what seemed to be diametrically opposed parts of me into a unified, embodied expression of Self.  In the process I have been paving a path for others by setting a real life example of what it means to successfully merge our human and divine pursuits…to truly Prosper as LOVE and profit with purpose.

Now my (even) higher level purpose, is to show you exactly how I did it.

What Kim has to say about Lauren…

“Lauren has the ability to cut straight through the illusion and eloquently deliver truth in a powerful, clear and loving way. Her perspective is always high and wide and manages to bring those around her to an empowered space within themselves. Oh, and she doesn’t share her french fries.”

“The world is shifting into a new expression of itSelf just as you are shifting into a new expression of Self.

As you open to your own individual seedlings you open to the entire garden, as it were, for you contain within you the access point to all other new earth creations. This will produce some cross-seeding of sorts…that which will yield new level creations never before conceived of.”

-Pleiadian High Council

Kimberlee Ann Gorgo: Master Orchestrator & Anchor for Divine Potential

When I’m not watching questionable reality tv programs, exploring nature or FaceTiming with Lauren I am most joyous when assisting others in organizing and grounding their divine potential. I hold a very powerful space for the physical manifestation of purpose and catalyze great change when working with others.

Being an orchestrator of all things big & small, seen & unseen and assisting others to anchor their purpose on earth is not only my gift, it’s my PASSION. It lights me on fire!

Lead as LOVE (dot com):

My pre-PAL purpose, Lead as LOVE, birthed from my passion and gift for technology coupled with my life’s work in human evolution and my role in the planetary ascension. These two forces (ascension & technology) couldn’t be any further apart – or are they?

Ascension/Evolution/Expansion + technology meet right at the critical space where spirit meets matter through divine purpose!

My struggles leading up to LAL weighed heavily on the side of discovering my purpose. After years of feeling “lost” I learned that my purpose couldn’t birth until I reclaimed all the soul fragments I had given away to people, places and things over the years. That reclamation finally allowed me to step up and into alignment with my soul’s mission on earth. This process has also gifted me with the understanding, support and tools to assist others who may be struggling at a similar crux point.

Since gathering the pieces of me, I’ve learned that I’m a leader’s leader and I assist in getting their messages out to the world through the portal of technology.

And Now PAL:

While working side by side with others ready to prosper from their divine purpose I have observed common patterns that emerge during the manifestation of their dreams, blocking them from ultimate success. One of my hopes for PAL is to get to the core beliefs and currents running within us that are selling us short of our full potential. My big dream is to effectuate change within both individuals and systems, aligning them to lead as love in order to ultimately prosper as love!

Through my own journey to thrive as love I have reclaimed new levels of my power, potential and purpose, learning that a big part of my galactic mission is, in fact, to assist others in remembering THEIR power, potential and purpose! I have the keen ability to tap into the truth and authenticity of one’s potential through my Blueprint Work and look forward to meeting many of you on this path!

Star Trek Origin:

I’m a Sirian from sirius (serious?) and often wish I was of the more playful descent of Pleiades (PLAYdes?). More siriusly though, over the many years of my own inner reclamation I have reconnected with my galactic lineage, the higher part of me that serves on the Sirian High Council…but when it comes to the specifics, I usually ask Lauren. She has a direct phone line to the stars so I jump on a three-way call whenever I can.

Sirius Star System Sirius Star System

What Lauren has to say about Kim…

“Kim is everything I’m not. A sirius grounding force and an exceptional space holder. Her superpowers? Reflecting your worth until you can own it…holding your vision until you can attain it…arranging, organizing and orchestrating the many small details of your big picture plan with remarkable determination. Two words you will never hear Kim say: NOT POSSIBLE. Her nickname? Just Facts.”

“You are coming Home to the very blueprint you had a part in creating.  This template was put into place by the ascending collective, those rising as creator Gods to co-create the new earth.  This, dear comrades, is not symbolic, but very literal.

You are moving from the unmanifest to the manifest…from the accrual of consciousness to the application of said consciousness.”

-Sirian High Council

Star Sisters:

Not only do Kim & I share a human/familial lineage in this lifetime, we are soul kin by star origin. 🤩

We are on earth at this time to implement our galactic plan by sharing our gifts, services, information & guidance with all those choosing to embody their full human and spiritual potential.

Though serving our respective star nations, our earth mission is a shared one:  to 1) embody our true divine nature, and 2) come together with those of like Heart to build (our version of) heaven on earth.

In the process we are fulfilling our sacred covenant and promise to Earth & humanity from the very beginning of time to assist this planet to achieve her ascended destiny.

Space-woo aside, we are just better people because of each other…we truly bring out the best in each other and occasionally the worst which helps us to bring out the best and occasionally the worst in those we work with.🤭🤗