The PAL Mission

1- To illuminate & demonstrate the foundational concepts necessary to create, prosper and ultimately, lead as LOVE.

2-  To empower those driven by divine purpose to THRIVE, and to provide the tools necessary to achieve that aim.

3- To grow an evolved community of enlightened leaders and passionate pioneers dedicated to HEART-centered business & services.

How do you experience yourSelf as LOVE?  How do you create your life as LOVE?  And in what capacity are you driven to share that with others?

This is what the new human leadership asks of you.  -Pleiadian High Council

Our passion lives in LOVE-based leadership.  Our purpose is to create a LOVE-based value system. Our intention is to eliminate the separation (and stigma) between prosperity and (higher) purpose.  Our calling is in forging a new paradigm of true Self sustainability.  Our dream is to create a LOVE economy…to raise enough awareness to redirect the flow of abundance and global resources toward those HEART-centered projects and people that are fully invested in LOVE…for themSelves, each other, this beautiful planet we are gifted to create upon, and all her inhabitants.

Our more grounded goal is to lead those ready to part with the failing systems of earth back to themSelves to discover the most fulfilling and unfailing Source of abundance: the creation, application & remuneration of our true (divine) calling.

We are not only driven by our own hearts to vanguard a new value system based in universal LOVE and individual Self expression, we are also dedicated to being an example of what that means and how.  Because of that, this will be a definite create-as-we-go endeavor...applying and enacting the basic principles of (divine) creation before you, out loud and in real time.

If you have no idea what that means or why, consider laying a solid foundation to your prosperity & purpose with PAL’s core e-course.

Those who can envision their unique part in the divine plan, and are ready to take steps toward enacting it, are the sacred keepers of the The Plan, the divine blueprint for earth.  As more of you awaken to and embody this level experience, more of you activate and anchor this divine intelligence into earth’s grid until the Golden Age is restored.

This is how heaven will be created on earth…one heart, one vision at a time.  Yes, it is a comprehensive plan, but one in which you are only responsible for YOU, for the implementation of your own heart’s desires.  -Sirian High Council

It’s time to build!  What’s your part of the divine blueprint?